What Is The Benefit Of Our Women Empowering Program?

A customized system called the ‘4 S Model’ has been created under Amrtyu Foundation’s program, the ladies strengthening program. The ‘4 S Model’ is an abbreviation for four novel methodologies, specifically Seeking Healthcare as a Behavior, Support for Education, Supporters through Male Involvement, and Sustaining the Change in Communities. The program distinguishes juvenile young ladies and ladies from the local area and forms them into Change Agents, who thus effectively add to the local area assembly measure. Up until this point, ladies’ schooling strengthening projects and wellbeing programs have effectively had an effect on the existence of more than 560,000 ladies and young lady kids. Being a debacle inclined country, India is exceptionally helpless against different kinds of common disasters because of its geological situating. As indicated by the National Disaster Management Authority, Govt. of India, over 58.6% of the country’s landmass is inclined to seismic tremors and more than 12% is inclined to floods; near 5,700kms out of the 7,516kms long coastline is inclined to tornadoes and tidal waves; while 68% of its cultivable territory is inclined to dry spells which is the reason calamity readiness is of utmost significance. 

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