What Is The Benefit Of Our CFC Program?

Detecting this need, Amrtyu Foundation thought of a Child For Child (CFC) program in 2006. The sharpening of special kids and their folks, towards the current imbalances around them, is a significant target of CFC. Advantaged youngsters are sharpened about the hardship and torment suffered by the oppressed children. CFC looks to teach a heart and worth framework in the youngsters with the goal that they grow up to become mindful residents and change creators. Before their brains are set with age, the CFC program attempts to make the most of them with their own endowments and comprehend the predicament of less-advantaged ones. When they begin understanding the value of the advantages they are brought into the world with, they naturally turn their considerations towards the inspiration and foster the correct viewpoint. This, at last, assists them with forming into effective as well as dependable people throughout everyday life. They grow up to become huge change producers, who contribute decidedly to the general public. Under the Child For Child program, Amrtyu Foundation visits different schools and directs drawings in meetings for the youthful personalities. It sharpens youngsters towards different causes and lets them understand their special status. CFC presently contacts almost 1,000,000 favored youngsters in 900 schools spread across 417 locales of India, consistently. Likewise, their folks and instructors are additionally associated with the cycle. 

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